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The Design Process


AgniTEK stands by the quality of our websites and we will continue to work with you until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. In order to ensure customer satisfaction, we begin the design process with a consultation. At this time you will meet with a web developer that will work with you throughout the development of your website. Your developer will answer any questions about your website and the development process and also discuss the look and feel that you are going for.

Content Addition

Once the consultation is complete, a beta site will be setup. Here your developer will work with you on setting up a menu, content and graphics for your website. While you and the developer are working on the content, our graphic designer will be working on a rough draft of your theme design.

Theme Design

Once the rough draft of the theme design is complete, it will be sent to the customer for review. At this time the customer can request any changes to the theme. These changes will then be sent to the graphic designer and a final version of the theme design will be developed.

Once the theme design is complete and has been approved by the customer, the theme will be implemented into the beta site. Here you will be able to review the theme and content together and work with the developer to make any final changes.

Training & Launch

Once the content addition and theme implementation are complete, you will meet with our trainer and learn how to make updates and changes to your website. The Blaze content management system makes it easy and convenient to make changes, however, everybody needs a little help in the beginning and that is what we are here for. Once the training is complete, we will go live with the website and turn the site over to you. If in the future you need additional help or training, our web team is available to meet with you and help you out!

Our goal is for our customers to be 100% satisfied with their website and have the knowledge and resources to maintain the site for years to come. We have a database of video tutorials on how to update your website, written instructions, as well as a module description page that will assist you in making updates in the future.  Ready to get started on your new website? Contact AgniTEK today.