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Why Choose Blaze 2.0?

Australian Shepard Club of AmericaWhat makes Blaze better than other content management systems out there? Why should you choose Blaze over other competitors? At AgniTEK, we know that building a website isn't something that happens over night. We understand that you are investing in a marketing tool that will represent who you are and what you do which will be published on the World Wide Web for millions of people to access. So why should you choose Blaze for your website?


The Blaze Content Management System is simple enough for a small growing company and complex enough for a larger business with broader needs. Blaze grows with your company. When purchasing a Blaze website package, you are purchasing all of its functionalities; hence, we are holding nothing back from you. As your company grows, so do your needs, and we are available to answer your questions and introduce you to new features of Blaze now and 10 years from now.


The great thing about modern technology is that you don't have to be a computer programmer to create a website and keep it updated. The Blaze Content Management System makes it easy to update content, menu items, pictures, links, and forms (to name a few). The Blaze software is actually installed onto your website so you don't have to haul around files and FTP them onto the site. You simply login to your site, make the needed changes, select update, and logout. It really is as simple as that.  Blaze is also configured for drop down menus.  This means you can create a dynamic, easy to navigate menu with multiple parent/child pages.

New Features

AgniTEK is constantly adding new modules to the Blaze system. After purchasing your Blaze system, you will have access to all of our Standard Modules. In addition, you will have access to any additional updates released for that version of Blaze. When we add a new module, we notify our customers and present them with an example and description of the module.


With each of our website packages we include training on how to make updates to your website. Once the training is complete, you should be able to make any needed updates to the website. However, we are human and we realize that people forget things. That is why we also provide our customers with written and video tutorials to reference in the future when making updates to your site.

Friendly URLs

AgniTEK uses Friendly URLs in our Blaze websites to make website addresses easier to read and remember. Using Friendly URLs help to increase search engine optimization, help people understand how your site is setup (hierarchy), and keep your website address clean and simple.  They also make your site easy to navigate.


AgniTEK Blaze is setup to allow for Public, Private, or Verified User Registration. This functionality allows website visitors to register for the site. After registering, users can be managed so that only certain users have access to certain pages and other users can edit pages. Blaze is also setup to handle subscription based security roles; users can subscribe to a particular role and then will be directed to PayPal to pay for the subscription before they have access to that particular role’s information.


We can setup your website or a particular web page as a secure page. This will allow you to retrieve or present secure information to your visitors.

Theme Updates

There are two parts to a Blaze website, content and theme design. As your company grows the look of your site might need some tweaking. This is a simple task in Blaze because you can update the theme without having to update any content, thus making it easy to keep your site updated and looking sharp. AgniTEK also has eight templates and over 30 colors to choose from to help customize your website.


Many content management systems out there are expensive and force you into monthly contracts. Blaze website packages are a onetime cost. We setup the site for you and then provide you with all of the information that you will need to make updates to the site in the future.


If you ever have any questions about your website or need help, AgniTEK Web Developers are only a phone call away. You will not be left on hold for hours and you will be able to talk to an actual person about your problem. We value our relationships with our customers and if you have a problem we will work diligently to solve it.